Apocalypse, genesis and survival

One hundred short stories about the topic "where does man come from and whwere does he go".

Ironical (not always to be taken seriously) or realistic stories, naive stories or stories to ponder about.

Know How

Stress, he has a huge load of stress, each and every day anew. He finally needs some vacation time, he the bio-engineer Ellah. Get away from work, relaxation, just something different, away from everyday life. Permission granted, his boss writes on his vacation form. And where am I going? Where am I really going to be away from work, away from my cell phone, far away from all the stress? My friend Johwe has a vacation domicile somewhere far away and at a remote location. Of course, Johwe says, my vacation domicile far away on the beautiful blue planet is available; you can use it, Ellah, anytime. And your cell phone can’t ring out there either, its way too far from the next transmitting station. Its pretty much at the end of all worlds, nobody will find you there, there you sure will have peace and quiet, guaranteed. Finally the first day of vacation is here, packing bags and off with the little spaceship, off to „far, far away“. The name of this small far-away planet he already forgot again, but it doesn’t really matter what it’s called.

I like that, I want to read that

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